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The Milky Way Galaxy contains 200 to 400 billion stars.

The latest estimate suggests that this galaxy may contain at least as many planets. Estimates of the average planets per star is currently unknown. If one were to place 5 planets per star into the equation, the number of planets equals 200 billion possible planets. What is even more amazing is that scientists now estimate that there are over 30 billion earth type planets so far! To think that we are the only so called intelligent life forms in the universe would be ignorant at best.


Timeline, how the contact began.

December 27, 2000
Hoping to entice his girlfriend in Nebraska to visit him in Colorado, Stan decided to videotape a popular and scenic area just in the foothills of the Rocky Mountings called Red Rocks Amphitheater. Hoping that the video tape might help persuade her to visit, Stan set out on his little video excursion. Following the back roads, just before before arriving at Dinosaur Ridge near the base of the foothills, Stan noticed that cars were pulled over to the side of the road and the occupants were standing along the roadside, pointing toward the sky to the south. When Stan looked to see what they were looking at, he was amazed to see a multi spherical UFO hovering above the power lines just to the left of him.

After pacing Stan's car, the UFO eventually flew away. This was Stan's first of many, UFO encounter and being the skeptic that he was, he was convinced that this was either a prank of some kind, or a military experiment. He would never have guessed that this was just the beginning of a life filled with unexplained encounters.

With so many witnesses to the event the news interviewed Stan.

When the story finely aired about the sighting someone approached Stan with a video that was said to be of a UFO captured by ground surveillance cameras from a test sight in Nellis Air Force Base. It was then smuggled out to a news affiliate. The video was taken in 1994.

September 20, 2001
Stan was about to close the retail store he managed for the evening when suddenly his customers came running back to inform him that there was a large, blinking object hovering in the sky above the building. Everyone watched as the UFO eventually flew away, only to return and follow Stan home. Stan quickly ran up to his apartment where his friend and sister where waiting for him to go out to eat, and grabbed his video camera. Shortly after he started filming the UFO quickly accelerated out of sight. Bellow is a still from the short video Stan captured of the UFO.    

That evening Stan started to get a horrible headache in the back of his head. He decided to go to bed early to relieve it. Eventually Stan fall asleep, but was awakened at 2:00 AM by a knock at the door. Stan remembers three "people" waiting for him in the hallway. As he approached them, he realized that they were not human.

When Stan awoke the next morning, he tried to convince himself that what had happened to him was only a bad dream. As he went about his morning activities, family members noticed that Stan had strange marks and wounds on his body.

Top of apartment complex.

The wounds also fluoresced under black light. The Investigators say that this is a typical sign of abduction, and has been documented with many other abduction cases.

Amazingly the wounds healed to nothing but scars in less than two days.

Lower Back

Lower Back

September 30, 2001
It was rush hour and Stan Romanek had just gotten off work and was headed home when he noticed a spotlight illuminating the ground next to him. The beam of light then made a sweep over his car. At first, he assumed it was a police helicopter but when he noticed the expressions on the faces of the other drivers at the intersection, he knew that it was more than that. As he strained to get a better look at what had just beamed his car, he realized that what everyone was looking at was a UFO! Not long after Stan spotted the UFO, it quickly flew over a park full of people called, Old Stone House Park.

There were many witnesses!

A sighting event of this magnitude convinced the news to once again do a story on yet another Stan Romanek UFO encounter.

Entertainment Tonight sent the video to NASA ,and they could not explain the UFO.

Amazingly, because of the news a woman sent in this letter and these pictures that her Grandfather had taken of the UFO beaming Stan's car.

May 31, 2003
There was so much activity surrounding Stan that the researchers involved with Stan's case decided to install surveillance cameras  in and around his home. This amazing event was captured by one of these surveillance cameras.

September 27, 2005
Most abductees encounter something called, "High Strangeness," where paranormal events seem to happen around them. That evening, Stan and his wife heard noises in the back yard. Every time they went outside to look, they found nothing, then Stan decided to take pictures. At first, all they noticed where some orbs. Orbs are very controversial. Most are dust specks reflecting the flash, but for some reason, Stan's orbs seem to have faces in them.

July, 2002
The stress of all that had happened was almost to much for Stan Romanek to bear. So the researchers involved with his case suggested that he seek so sort of counseling. Uncertain what to do, it was decided that hypnotherapy might be the answer.

During the session the therapist asked Stan if her remembered any strange writing, or symbols from his experiences. To everyone's amazement, Stan in a matter of seconds wrote a page full of complex equations well beyond his capabilities. One of which was an electron structure for an element that did not exist at the time!

March 5, 2005
Late at night, Stan had fallen asleep while installing software on the family computer. Startled by a sound and the silhouette of what looked to be a small naked figure running in to the kitchen, Stan got up to investigate.  Remembering that his  twelve year old stepson had friends spending the night he assumed that this was part of some kind of dare or practical joke.  Hoping to catching the kids in the act to use a leverage for a later date Stan laughingly grabbed his camcorder . When he searched the house he found that everyone was still asleep. Right at the time Stan was about to shut off the camcorder he suddenly noticed something watching him through the back sliding glass door. Below is a still from the video.

July 17, 2003
The Romaneks thought they had a peeping Tom. This went on for months and no one could help. Then someone suggested he set up his camcorder to catch the culprit. Boy was Stan surprised when he realized that what he had captured on film did not look human.
Click on image below to see the real ET in the window video!

Still hearing noises Stan continued to take pictures . It wasn't until later that they realized they had capturing something more amazing then orbs.

November 24, 2005
More High Strangeness. Stan and his wife Lisa invited friends and family over for Thanksgiving. Stan complained that their house was now haunted and that something happened in their bedroom, so a researcher and ex Naval Intelligence friend Rick set up his video camera in the bedroom. You can hear the computer keyboard clicking away but keep your eye on the chair.

When Rick noticed he had captured something paranormal he thought he would ask nicely to see if they would do it again. Understand everyone is in the kitchen so no one is in the room but this time it is not the chair that moves.

December 27, 2007
The family camera disappears for days and is later found hanging from the ceiling fan in the dinning room. When they check out the camera to see if it still worked they noticed two extra pictures on it.

May 29, 2008
With so much non UFO related paranormal activity happening around Stan and his family the researchers decided to ask for help from some renowned paranormal investigators. Surprisingly they did not believe in UFOs, that is until they came to Stan’s house

February 24, 2010
While flying to speak at UFO Congress Conference in Arizona Stan noticed something shinny following the airplane.

April 24, 2011
Stan and Lisa had company over for Easter when someone suddenly noticed something running in to Stan’s office grabbing her camera she she ran into the office just in time to capture this shadowy figure standing by the book case.

April 27, 2011
Strange Sound Manifests In Studio Of Fate Magazine Radio During Interview With Stan Romanek

May 26, 2011
3:00 AM in the morning Stan and his wife Lisa where woken up because of rustling sounds coming from an adjacent room. Fearing someone had broken in Stan got up to check, but after searching the entire house Stan decided to go back to bed and continue the search in the morning when there was better light. It was then that they found these hand prints outside on the window of there garden level room and footprints  below that same window.

An off duty sheriff and his assistant where came to investigate and lift prints.

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