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Even though Stan Romanek has an above average IQ he suffers from Dyslexia, and has been affected by this all of his life, so as you can imagine Stan had a hard time in school. Unfortunately at that time they did not have the understanding of Dyslexia that they do today. Because of this, and the inadequacy of the Denver public school system, Stan was never taught correctly and has had to learn on his own. Sadly Stan knows little about math, sadder still, Stan’s competency is at a 4th grade level and so he had no idea what any of these equations or drawings mean. Hoping that the equations might in some way be of benefit, and in an effort to find their meaning, Stan requested that all of the equations be openly shared.

July, 2002
Overwhelmed Stan decided to seek counseling. With the guidance from the researchers and scientists involved with Stan's case, Stan decided that hypnotherapy was the best solution.

Equations, given to Stan during his encounters.

Despite the fact that all of these equation were given to Stan during his abduction experiences, this information did not start coming forward until Stan was undergoing his first hypnotic regression. Included in Stan’s first equation below, is a formula depicting a helium atom bombarding element 115., Element 115 at the time did not exist. It was years later when element 115 would be created. Also included in the equation is a depiction of our solar system represented by ten dots and a circle representing the Sun. It wouldn't be until years later that scientists would discover a tenth planet in our solar system and name it, "Xenia" At that time it was relevant, but sadly things have recently changed and not even Pluto is considered planet anymore. Towards the end of Stan's writing is Drake's Equation, first devised by Dr. Frank Drake (now Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz) in 1960, in an attempt to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy with which humanity could potentially have contact. Somehow, with no prior knowledge of Drake's equation, Stan drew it and added, X 100, while under hypnosis!

Years later element 115 is created.

Years later scientists discover a tenth planet.

September 3, 2002
Upon waking, Stan's wife Lisa noticed that the alarm clock was upside down. Later they both noticed that there were pens, pencils and paper in and around the bed. It was then that Stan found this equation in his own handwriting lying next to him. Stan has no idea how he was able to draw the equation in total darkness and while asleep.

October 10, 2003
Stan drew this after a vivid dream. He drew it freehand in under a minute and has no idea how he drew it so straight and so quickly. Stan later tried to duplicate this and was unable to.

August 20, 2004
During Stan’s second regression when he was able to recall and draw this equation with in less then twenty seconds while under hypnosis.

Renowned physicists validate Stan Romanek’s equations.

August 17, 2005
Stan drew yet another equation in his sleep. Physicists are just now understanding the implications of these equations and are very excited by what they are discovering

February 28, 2006
For the first time Stan's wife Lisa was awake and witnessed Stan draw this equation in his sleep. They noticed that the word" Loop" was written backwards which indicated that the whole equation might also be written backwards. Later physicists used a mirror to read the equation.

Famous People
With Dyslexia

September 28, 2006
Stan and Lisa had friends over to spend the night. In the early hours of the morning, Lisa awoke only to realize that Stan was drawing yet another equation. She immediately woke up one of their friend Don and they both witnessed Stan draw this equation. While completely asleep Stan was talking to an unseen presence in total darkness as he drew this.

The strange writing at the bottom of this new equation was at first, unrecognizable. A researcher and a Professor of ancient languages at a large university discovered that it was the word, "propulsion" written in an ancient form of Aramaic. The bottom of the equation reads, "Zero Point Propulsion."

April 28, 2009
Stan allowed ABC to film him when under regression for a Prim Time Special. Stan remembered some strange symbols arranged in an arch on a doorway from one of his experiences. When asked to write them down he did so in less then twenty seconds, with his eyes closed and his head turned to the left

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